Vitamin B And It Affects Anxiety

B vitamins are important to the human body. They are especially important for maintaining good mental health. Research studies show that a deficiency of vitamin B leads to anxiety, depression, trouble with sleeping, and problems with memory. All of these symptoms strongly show the impact that vitamin B can have on your mental well being.

Many diseases and illnesses are a result of a B-vitamin deficiency. This deficiency is caused by two factors. One, is that if we eat poorly, we simply don't intake enough of these B-vitamin enriched foods. And, two, is that many of our bad food choices can actually destroy vitamin B in our body. For example, alcohol and refined sugars, both deplete the stores of vitamin B in the body. Other sorts of junk foods have the same effect which is why it's important to realize that the foods you eat are as important for your mind as well as the body.

The reason that you have to take B vitamins from foods or supplements is that the body does not store them. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your body has enough of these vitamins, you have to get them from external food sources.

Most people don't need to worry as it takes a while for someone to actually develop a deficiency. However, if you are prone to dieting, it's possible that you are not getting all of the vitamin B that you need. If you have a disorder such as bulimia, you may be eating enough nutrients, but you may also lose a lot of them through vomiting.

Women who are pregnant need to be especially mindful of the foods that they eat. Many doctors consider this vitamin so important that they will ask the woman to take vitamin B12 supplements. They believe that is the fetus does not receive enough vitamin B, it can possibly lead to neural tube defects.

Fortunately, many foods today are fortified with the essential vitamins. For many normal people, most breakfast cereals will contain enough vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to make up a significant percentage of their daily needs. However, any kind of stress, mental or physical, can quickly deplete the vitamin B in your body. So, if you have just had a surgical procedure, are experiencing a lot of tension at work or at home, or have a physical job that requires lot of physical exertions, you almost certainly need more than the minimal requirements.

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