Alternative Medicine As Treatment for Cancer

Cancer treatment can be tricky. Some measures work miraculously as the body responds in a positive way. However, there are also methods that may not be effective. Alternative methods are worth looking into when trying to find an ideal cancer treatment.

Alternative medicine might make use of measures that are not recognized as part of standard procedures. They do not have to be performed by doctors or other health professionals. These methods might not be the only ones that you need in order to improve your symptoms. However, these can be used in conjunction with other standard methods. Before you sign up for any alternative medicine treatment, you have to get clearance from your principal health provider. A lot of complications might ensue if the method is not right for you. Sometimes, your health provider will be the one who will recommend which treatment alternatives you can try.

Alternative medicine might mean the methods that people will use as a substitute to the standard measures that they have no means of undergoing. Some people will opt to have these methods as they cannot afford to get them from a medical doctor. There are also individuals who will decide to undergo alternative measures as no standard methods have been effective.

This can be used to manage the existing symptoms. It may also be used to prevent the development of new symptoms. Alternative medicine also hopes to improve the individual's health. The person's quality of life may be greatly affected if he or she is not suffering from any acute or chronic symptoms. When used with other treatment methods, it may help improve the effects.

Acupuncture is a famous method. Thin needles are inserted in certain points of the body. These points are varied and are believed to be connected with particular symptoms one experiences. A trained individual knows where these points should be. If you do not have special training on acupuncture, you can't just go and plunge needles under your skin.

In relation to cancer treatment, acupuncture can be used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Nausea and vomiting may be prevented. Pains and aches may also be reduced.

Aside from acupuncture, chiropractors may also be used in cancer management. Chiropractic therapy strives to attain homeostasis in the body. Balance inside the body is disturbed when it is sick. In order for a person to become healthy again, that balance should be restored.

Herbal medicine is another alternative medicine method. This uses certain herbs to produce health benefits. These herbs can be taken in the form of dietary supplements. They may also be in the form of scents that can product positive effects to the body. Herbal medicine can cause certain health problems. However, with proper use, you will be able to avoid interactions and negative reactions with the medications that you might be taking. Use it as your doctor would recommend. Do not take a dosage that is higher than what it recommended to you. You might experience detrimental effects. Instead of becoming healthier, you might only create complications in your health status.

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Herbal Medicines Safe and Effective for Health

Today, many people believe that herbal medicines are safe and effective for health. In addition, many of them also believe in several impractical myths relating to herbs. However, you need to know that herbal products are not necessarily safe and effective just because they are natural. Accordingly, in this article, I want to discuss why people still have misconceptions, and why use of herbal medicines could be harmful to you.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine can be described as the medical knowledge practice that uses herb or herb extracts for therapeutic purposes. This medical practice is also known as "traditional medicine", "botanical medicine", "phytomedicine" and "natural medicine". In addition, this medical practice is the oldest but most widely used in all cultures and societies.

Why People Still Have Misconceptions About Herbal Medicines?

One of the main reasons is that still there are many believers in herb myths, and most of these people have a common misconception that herbs are natural ingredients, not drugs. In addition, as these medicines are prepared from herbs or herbal extracts, many of them also believe that they possess magical therapeutic properties with no side effects. However, you need to know that not just some myths, several other reasons are also playing a large part for creating these misconceptions. Poor regulatory administration, limited scientific studies, availability as over the counter (OTC) products in pharmacies and huge advertising from marketers as natural with no adverse effects are the major reasons for developing these misconceptions.

Why Use of Herbal Medicine Could Be Harmful to You?

If you are thinking of taking herbal medicines, it is necessary for you to know that these products can cause risky and serious adverse reactions to the user's body. According to a published article of World Health Organization (WHO), herbal product or supplement could be risky and dangerous, if it is administered inappropriately, or in combination with other medicines or the therapy or product lacks desired quality. In addition, according to several studies, many of these medicinal products can cause dangerous drug-drug interactions with modern allopathic medicines as well as with other herbal remedies. Further, these herb-drug interactions could alter the efficacy and bioavailability of the prescribed medications.

Moreover, you need to know that, with only a few exceptions, most of these medicines are not experimented for safety, efficiency and effectiveness through clinical trials or studies. As a result, many researchers said that these medicines could cause serious health hazards. In addition, according to the scientific and medical community, these medicines may danger the life or well-being of the consumer when administered instead of allopathic medicines.

In conclusion, you need to know that WHO recommends consulting with physicians before taking herbal medicines. Because, you need to make sure that the medicine or herb you are taking into consideration is safe for use, or will not cause any side effects and is safe to use in combination with other allopathic drugs.

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Private Health Insurance or Socialized Medicine

Today in America, many people are divided on the issue of private health insurance verses socialized medicine. Tempers are raging and even households are being divided on the issue. Both systems have their benefits and disadvantages. Here, the goal is to compare and contrast the two systems in plain, everyday terms to benefit the consumer that has little or no knowledge on the subject and is looking for an overview.

Although many Americans feel that socialized medicine would be a better option, the truth of the matter is that the majority of consumers that currently live in countries with socialized medicine would prefer to have private insurance instead. Many Canadian citizens actually come to the states for medical treatment because they feel that private healthcare is superior to socialize. This may be a case of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. Only you can decide for yourself who would be most beneficial for you and your family.

The one of the major downfalls of socialized medicine is the lack of quality care. If a doctor's paycheck is provided regardless of the quality of his care, there is little incentive for him to excel at his work. With private healthcare and insurance, doctors are forced to compete for business and thus are focused to give the best care possible in hope that the patient will return. Often in countries with socialized medicine the doctors employed by the government are not closely monitored and their bedside manner is almost never taken into account.

In a free market business owners strive for optimum customer satisfaction for the success of their business. If you are not satisfied with your hair dresser, you would seek out another. Even in fields other than medicine employees are encouraged to give ideal service and are given incentives to do so. Would you want your health in the hands of a doctor that has little or no incentive to perform his job well?

Another major downfall of socialized medicine is the lack of choice. Private insurance gives a patient the freedom of choice. In a socialized system, healthcare offices are assigned to districts and without a competitive market there would be only one option within each district. If a consumer is not satisfied with the local office they may have to travel out of their district to even have an option of better care. With private insurance there are certain healthcare offices that are within an insurance providers preferred network, but usually there are enough offices in the network to provide adequate options. Even if the healthcare provider you prefer is not in your insurance network, there is usually still coverage for the provider in a lesser amount.

A third major downfall of socialized medicine is the inability of the consumer to acquire the help they need. Private insurance gives you the ability to seek the care you require. In many countries with socialized medicine, it is easy to get in to see a general practitioner, but you are put on a waiting list to see a specialized practitioner. Sadly this often takes months, if not years. It is commonly said about countries with socialized medicine that if you have a condition requiring specialized care, you may die before you get it.

Truly, the best option for you is to do the research yourself and make an informed decision. Take the points given here into consideration and decide what is best for you and your family.

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Advances in Medical Engineering Benefits Public Health

Medical engineering is a vital component of the healthcare industry and, in turn, a vital component of public health. By supplying health practitioners with the latest advancements in medical equipment and technology, the field of medical engineering supports the health and wellbeing of millions of people every year.

Many advances in the field of medical engineering today seem commonplace. But the development of essential life-saving and life-improving tools like hip replacements, pacemakers, medical imaging, life support systems and medical lasers would not have been possible without research and development in the field of medical engineering.

How Medical Engineering Benefits the Public Health Sector

The healthcare industry is the world's biggest industrial sector with an annual turnover of approximately £100 billion and is currently expanding at a rate of 7% per annum.

As such a quintessential industry, and with the provision of quality and reliable healthcare a fundamental concern for every individual, it is essential for the healthcare industry to be supported by the medical engineering industry.

It does this by conducting extensive research and development in the production of efficient, reliable and safe medical equipment and technology.

From evaluating medical equipment at the design stage, to testing the parameters and limitations of medical equipment, the work of engineers assesses the viability and functionality of medical equipment and its components in order to assure quality and reliabilty for medical practitioners working in the healthcare industry.

Improving Quality of Life for the Public

The advancements in medical technology not only assist medical practitioners in their work. Patients, and therefore the public at large, also rely on these advancements for their quality of life.

Hip replacement devices are just one area where medical engineering is playing a vital role in supporting health practitioners and benefitting public health. As a very common operation, hip replacement surgery has brought pain relief and renewed mobility to millions of people worldwide. Continuing research is further exploring ways to improve the performance of artificial hip joints and extend life-spans so they can be used for longer periods and on younger and more active patients.

In addition, further technological advancements have recently seen developments in artificial limb technology. Bionic arms with powered finger, wrist, elbow and shoulder movement is one such area undergoing amazing developments in research. Other exciting advancements involve the development of artificial tendons that respond to electrical currents and behave in a way similar to human muscles, allowing for greater usability and control of artificial limbs.

Another exciting advancement that will greatly impact the public health sector and improve quality of life includes research in the area of artificial retina chips. These artificial chips would be designed to replace a damaged retina and partly restore lost vision. This advancement will have far reaching applications for people with limited sight and greatly improve their quality of life. The potential to transform the quality of life for these people is huge.

Medical technology is vital to the wellbeing of our heathcare sectors and the wellbeing of our society.

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Medical Scrubs and Health Care Dress Codes

As with any job, positions in the field of medicine and health care can only be performed properly when one has all of the necessary tools. These tools can include everything from toothpick to power tools, and from large appliances and fixtures to tiny towels. Among the most important tools of the trade in many professions is the type of uniforms that are required to perform the job. In some professions, obviously, the importance of the clothing one is wearing is more important than others, but there are many fields in which the proper uniform must be worn at all times. One of the oldest professions of all time has always had a unique but often formal dress code - medicine. The field of medicine has existed as long as human beings realized that they had the power to influence the effects that the world exerted upon them through the use of herbs, tools, and even their own hands. While medicine has progressed a long way since then, some things that have emerged in the time since have not changed much, such as the requirement of a dress code. While in different areas of the world the dress code differs, there is usually a requirement that special clothes be worn for medical professionals, such as medical scrubs.

The special uniforms that medical professionals are required to wear may be different in different areas but they mostly tend to be required because they promote a small scope of similar benefits. One of the reasons that medical scrubs and other similar - or even dissimilar - types of medical clothing is required for professionals in the field is to promote a sanitary work environment. Disease can be spread easily through unclean conditions, so it is vital that the clothes that someone wore outside on the streets is not permitted to contaminate an operating room. Even if you got your clothing straight out of the washer and dryer cycle in the morning, it could potentially be contaminated with a wide array of chemicals before it ever reached a hospital.

Of course, cleanliness is a very high priority but it is not the only reason why specialized medical attire is required. There are many other reasons, including professionalism, uniformity, the ability to easily tell who staff members are and who potential patients are in emergency situations. Medical scrubs offer many benefits in the field for everyone involved.

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Sports Medicine Promotes Health and Wholeness

Sports medicine involves more than just the diagnosing and treatment of sports-related injuries. This aspect of the medical field has many different facets that contribute to the health and wholeness of athletes. Not only is this field important to professional sports players, but it is beneficial to those in college, high school, middle school and even athletes who are much younger. Some of the different areas of this medical profession include, exercising and workouts, nutrition, injury prevention and sports psychology.

Exercising and working out are one of the more noted features of sports medicine. Everyone who plays sports, especially in a professional capacity, recognizes the importance of staying active. Of course, they participate in exercise activities as a part of their regular sports games and competitions. However, in order to stay in shape, they must follow a regimen that they make a part of their own every day schedule. For instance, some football and basketball players are encouraged to run or walk around a track a few days a week. This allows them to build up their endurance.

Nutrition is another vital part of sports medicine. Not only do specialists advise athletes on how to stay physically healthy, but they also help them with their nutritional habits. Sports players can do as many workouts as humanely possible, but if they don't eat right, they are defeating the purpose. Not only could bad eating habits harm their productivity, but it can also put them at risk for diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. These sicknesses are not only harmful to them as athletes, but as human beings in general.

Another important aspect of this field includes injury prevention. One of the things a sports medicine physician will do is help athletes keep themselves from getting injured unnecessarily. Therefore, they will encourage them to take all necessary precautions in order to keep them as injury-free as possible. Someone can be the best athlete in the world, capable of breaking every record possible. However, if they can't stay physically healthy, they will never be able to live up to their full potential. Sadly, this occurs every day. There are a lot of people who weren't able to get a sports-related scholarship or break into a professional sports league, all because they were too injury-prone.

Sports psychology is also extremely essential to athletes. One of the things many sports players may struggle with is anxiety. This is most likely due to the competitive nature of their activities. Some of them feel a great deal of pressure to win and meet extremely high standards. So, having someone who can counsel them and help them to relive the stress and pressure that they may be feeling is invaluable.

Sports medicine provides a way for athletes to be healthy and whole. Without having the help of the specialists in this field, there's a good chance that many sports players would not experience the health and success they desire.

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