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Aromatherapy Safety Tips

You do not want to apply aromatherapy oils that are undiluted to your skin. It is important to first mix the oils with a base oil such as hazelnut oil, avocado oil, or sweet almond oil. Once this is accomplished, you can then apply the blended oils to your skin safely. There are a select few oils that you not have to dilute in order to apply them to your skin, but these can only be applied in small amounts and should only be applied undiluted in cases of burns or bug bites. These include lavender oil and chamomile oil.

When practicing aromatherapy, be sure to only use small amounts of essential oils. In fact, only a few drops are really necessary. The products that you use should have a 2% concentration of essential oils, with the rest comprised of bases. Another important thing to remember is that by using only a few drops of essential oils, you not only save money but are also using the products safely.

If it is your first time using aromatherapy products, you need to check for any allergic reactions. Even though essential oils are potentially safe, they can still cause allergic reactions in some people. In order to do an allergy test, mix one drop of your essential oil with a carrier oil and apply it to a small spot on your skin. Then wait 24 hours to see if there's any redness or itching on that spot.

You never want to use any oils near your eye area. When inhaling any oil, you need to be certain to close your eyes. Also, after handling any type of aromatherapy oil, you need to wash your hands thoroughly so that you do not irritate your eyes should you rub them with your hands.

You should consult with your doctor before using oils if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some doctors will suggest that you avoid certain oils in these conditions, such as peppermint, jasmine, rosemary, sage, and juniper.

There are certain medical conditions that need to be taken into account when using aromatherapy essential oils. These conditions include high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy. People who suffer from asthma need to avoid inhaling these oils. The oils to stay away from if you suffer from epilepsy are rosemary, eucalyptus, fennel, and sage. If you have high blood pressure, it is best to avoid thyme, rose, eucalyptus, sage, and rosemary.

Though aromatherapy oils have many benefits, certain safety precautions should be taken when using them. The safety recommendations outlined above should be kept in mind when researching health and beauty tips that relate to aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Can Be Beneficial

Imagine being able to ease the pain of a headache or ease nervous tension without having to take prescription medications that can have significantly bad side effects. The essential oils used in aromatherapy can produce such results and many more.

While there is much debate between the scientific community and the aromatherapy community about the ability of essential oils to "heal" the body, aromatherapy has become more popular as more information has become readily available to teach us about the properties of and proper use of essential oils. The therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy are physical as well as emotional. Specific oils have specific purposes intended to product specific results.

Most oils used in aromatherapy are anti-bacterial and anti-virus. And while therapeutic aromatherapy oils themselves may not directly cure illnesses, they can help boost the immune system and aid the body in finding a natural way to purify itself and remain healthy in the first place.

When starting an aromatherapy treatment, you must keep in mind that you are not always going to get immediate results. Think of an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. You don't just take one dose for one day. Instead you take multiple doses a day for multiple days. The same applies to aromatherapy. It will only be beneficial if you continue with your treatment regimen.

If you plan to start an aromatherapy regimen, it is extremely important to understand how to use essential oils. Some oils are very toxic if not diluted in water, such as adding several drops of essential oil into a bath, or diluted in a carrier oil. Also, there are certain aromatherapy oils that should not be used at certain times such as pregnancy, during chemo treatments, or when taking certain traditional medications. When used correctly and safely, aromatherapy's benefits can be amazing. Aromatherapy essential oils have been known to aid in digestion, relieve sinus congestion, reduce inflammation, heal wounds, relax muscles and increase energy levels just to name a few of the healing effects of essential oils. The essential oils are either inhaled directly or indirectly or used topically through massages or spa baths with oils or bath salts added. Aromatherapy oils should not be applied directly on the skin because adverse reactions can occur such as rashes, skin irritation and sun sensitivity.

If you feel you have a condition that would benefit from aromatherapy, always consult your medical doctor in addition to a holistic practitioner or aromatherapist so that you do not do more harm than good.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, holistic practitioner or aromatherapist. This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult a professional for any medical condition you have or think you may have.

Visit http://www.aromatherapysoothers.com for various products to help you achieve the aromatherapy results you are looking for.

Essential Oils for Treatment of Immediate Allergies

For many, the beauty of spring has a sinister twist-blooms bursting into flower may mean months of sneezing and hay fever. Medicinal herbs, such as nettle and alfalfa, are gaining ground as popular allies in calming the body's histamine response and alleviating symptoms without suppressing them. Indeed, there are many plants with antiallergenic properties, but I'd like to focus on essential oils.

These are steam distillations of plants that contain potent and therapeutic volatile oils, and this potency renders them especially helpful in allergy treatment. When experiencing immediate allergies, such as hay fever or allergic asthma, the body's histamine levels rise, causing an inflammatory response. One way that essential oils provide relief is by acting as potent anti-inflammatories.

Some of my favorite oils for hay fever are Camomile (both Roman and German) and Blue Tansy. These are relatives in the daisy family and contain azuline; a constituent that research has shown to be an antihistamine. It also gives these oils their characteristic blue tint. All three oils are also calming, harmonizing and gently cooling, and can alleviate the psychological stress and irritation that may accompany constant itching and sneezing. I like to put a few drops on a tissue inside a small zip lock baggie and it carry with me, so I can inhale its sweet aroma throughout the day. For contact dermatitis or allergic eczema, I use a 2% dilution of blue tansy in carrier oil (olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil and jojoba are all good choices).

Atlas cedarwood, the evergreen hailing from the Atlas Mountains of Northern Morocco, has a warm, deeply sweet-woody scent; it has both antihistamine and anti inflammatory properties. This oil is also centering, grounding and strengthening. When using it for seasonal allergies, I leave it in the shower and add a couple drops to a wet washcloth and deeply inhale each morning. The steam helps deliver the oil into the body, and the olfactory experience provides a powerful jumpstart to the day.

For nasal congestion, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Saro work wonders. These pungent oils go well in a steam inhalation. You need only add 2-3 drops of oil to a bowl or basin of hot water and create a "tent" around your head with a towel, then inhale deeply. It's important to remember that less is more here-several drops is plenty. Steam inhalations also work well for lung and ear congestion. I carry lavender oil in my purse at all times, as it has a multitude of important functions and can be applied directly to the skin. When I'm experiencing seasonal nasal congestion, I do a steam inhalation in the morning if I have time, then refresh throughout the day with direct lavender inhalation-just rub a few drops into the palms of your hands and inhale deeply. This method is also helpful in the case of allergic asthma, and any of the oils I've mentioned can be used. Other good anti-allergenic oils are Cardamom, Tea Tree, Helichrysum and Turmeric.

When using essential oils as medicine, I think of Mary Poppins' adage, "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!" Essential oils are both at once- they're sweet smelling and full of therapeutic properties to boot. I enjoy that I can treat my mind and body at the same time. Creativity is also encouraged-any of the oils outlined here can be blended together-Blue Tansy, Lavender and Cedarwood make a good mix-and used in a body wash, nebulizer or inhaled directly. The key to effective treatment is remembering to use them regularly-put the oils in places you will see them-next to your toothbrush or shampoo or in a baggie in your purse. And next time the allergies strike, you'll be armed!

Baths and Aromatherapy

We all need to bathe on a regular basis, but baths can be for much more than just good personal hygiene, they are also great for aromatherapy. Adding essential oils to your bath is great way to help relieve stress, cure ailments, and even help you get into the mood. Lets us look at some of the essential oils that you can add to your bath to enhance your bathing experience.

Colds and Flu

A lot of people like to use aromatherapy baths to help deal with everyday ailments such as the cold and flu. Soaking in a hot tub alone can help relieve congestion and ease muscle aches, and adding essential oils to the mix can help clear up your symptoms and even speed up your recovery. Cajeput, Lavender, Spruce, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary are all used to help relieve congestion of the chest and nasal passages and give your immune system a little boost.


This modern world that we find ourselves in is just full of different stress factors and our exposure to stress leads to a plethora of health problems. Being able to relax and get a good night's sleep is essential when it comes to dealing with stress and there are plenty of essential oils that you can add to your bath in order to ensure that you relax and get some well deserved rest. Some of the essential oils that you can use are: Petitgrain, lavender, ylang-ylang, orange, cypress and Melissa.

Sore Muscles

Hard physical work comes at a cost of having sore muscles as well as pulled muscles. A strenuous workout is great for the heart, but the resulting soreness can end up slowing you down. The solution is to add oils like Cedarwood, Chamomile, Lavender, Marjoram, Cypress, or Allspice to your bathwater. These oils can help relax those sore and tight muscles and even speed the healing process of strains and pulls.

How to Prepare a Bath

Be sure the bathroom door is closed in order to keep in the essential oil vapors and then fill the tub with very warm water. Purify the water by adding one or two cups of Epsom Salts depending on the size of your tub. Combine the essential oils that you wish to use with a carrier oil at the rate of 15 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. The Carrier oil can be grapeseed, sweet almond, safflower or any other like oil. If you have skin issues, you might want to use safflower since it is enriched with Vitamin E. After you mix them all together, add your oil combination to the tub and stir the water to distribute it. Since the essential oils will start to evaporate, get in the tub immediately and soak for at least a half hour. Be aware that the oils and Epsom salts can make the tub slippery when it is time to get out.

Yulia Berry is an independent health researcher and author of the best selling e-book on aloe vera - Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor. She distributes a weekly newsletter regarding great home remedies and has written another popular e-book 'Pharmacy in Vegetables' and dozens of natural health articles published on hundreds of websites worldwide.

Tips And Advice For Managing Your Anxiety

Anxiety affects people of all ages, sexes, religions and incomes. It is truly a debilitating and real condition that could take over someones life if they let it. The article below discusses some of the best ways to deal with anxiety.

If you suffer from chronic anxiety, along with millions of others, you should pay a visit to your doctor. With the advances in medication and treatments, there are lots of options available to you for treating this condition. Get the treatment you need by visiting your local doctor or physician.

Many people swear that hot tea can help anxiety. This can be a great relaxation technique, but don't forget medical advice as well. If your anxiety doesn't disappear soon after it starts, you might want to talk to a professional.

Did you realize that you don't have to fight anxiety alone? Finding assistance and using it properly can help you combat anxiety. A medical professional, or even just friends and family, could help ease your anxiety. All you need to do is take that first step and ask for help.

Exercise can have a positive effect on the balance of chemicals in your brain. When your serotonin levels are low it can cause anxiety, but this can be alleviated with exercise. Doing things like taking a brisk walk, gardening, or a gym workout help to produce dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which are two things that cause you to feel relaxed. This will decrease both anxiety and depression.

Remember to hydrate yourself with sufficient water on a regular basis. Also make sure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs. If your mind is stressed, then it is extremely important that your body is not stressed by insufficient nutrition. Drink lots of water, eat well, and even try adding a multivitamin.

Learn about the different beverages that can help you calm your anxiety. Some people report that chamomile tea is perfect for de-stressing. Try a variety of herbal teas to determine which has the most soothing effect for you.

Talk to someone about your feelings, whether it be a doctor, friend or relative. Keeping feelings bottled up will make things worse. Sharing your feelings makes you feel better while reducing anxiety.

Have you heard people talking about how laughing can make anything better? These are more than just words, particularly as they apply to anxiety. A good laugh is the perfect way to relieve pressure, worry, and stress.

Self control is important when it comes to managing emotional responses. Getting your emotions in line is the first step; the anxiety will be soon to follow. Negativity of any kinds only fuels the fire of your anxiety attacks. Learn how you can detach yourself from your emotions, and your anxiety will improve dramatically.

By now, you must have realized that problems related to anxiety need effective treatments. Your physician and a qualified therapist should be able to help you resolve and handle your worst anxiety symptoms. There are a lot of different ways that you can battle anxiety. The information and recommendations in this article can help you find the relief from anxiety that has limited you.

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A Multivitamin Goes a Long Way Into Treating Anxiety

A Multivitamin plays a vital role in effectively stabilizing all phases of our system. It offers the missing vitamins and minerals that our diet does not supply. In this article we will describe why you are in need of a multivitamin, synthetic vitamins vs whole food vitamins, and the very best multivitamins for anxiety.

Why We Need a Multivitamin

Why do you think you need a multivitamin? It's simple really. In the fast paced world we live in today, it's hard to obtain correct nutrition. A multivitamin will fill in the gaps of missing vitamins and minerals your diet doesn't supply. That said, it is not a substitute. Proper nutrition through a well balanced diet is irreplaceable. If you manage to obtain a kick butt diet, you may not require a multivitamin. But, then comes the few days you work late at the workplace and skip a couple meals. This is where the multivitamin really pony ups.

Then you have exclusive groups of people who have unique requirements. (Ex. Anxiety suffers, pregnant women, vegans or vegetarians, aging adults etc.) Arguably, the most essential vitamins for anxiety victims are the B-vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. These should be supplemented in addition to a multi, but the multi will get you on the right course and will fill in for more balance.

synthetic Vitamins vs Whole Food Vitamins

According to Jon Barron, a nutraceutical analyst and Director of the Baseline of Health Foundation, synthetic vitamins are just 50 % as successful matched up to organic/whole foods vitamins. With a low-cost synthetic based product you may not see any results at all. I suggest absolutely leaving out synthetic based vitamins altogether considering organic/wholefoods products use real fruits and vegetables as the base and is undoubtedly the way to go. According to the research mentioned above, you would need to take two times as much of a synthetic based variety to equal that of the one organic/whole foods brand.

Anytime we say whole food vitamins, we are describing vitamins comprised of the micro-nutrients located in nature. The ticket here is Micro-Nutrients. These are the little boogers that are only located in nature and are crucial to the appropriate absorption. They are totally absent in synthetic vitamins. Would you like to see how micro-nutrients can heal the body? Watch Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead! It's an incredible film of a man who cures himself of an odd disease with micro-nutrients through juicing.

Best Multivitamins for Anxiety

I encourage organic/whole food multivitamins for a couple of reasons. Initially they are a lot higher quality product than synthetic. Second, they contain micro-nutrients. 3rd, they usually have a higher volume of vitamin B's per serving. Personally, I use Rainbow Light's Men's Multivitamin and they also have the women's version. For children, I recommend Garden of Life's Vitamin Code Kids.

To wrap-up, take a multivitamin because it fills in the gaps where you're lacking in your diet. Organic/whole food vitamins are a much far better choice than synthetics because of the absorption rate, micro-nutrients, and a greater measure of vitamin B's. I hope this little article has helped and motivated you to try and take control of your anxiety. You can visit Tips to Handle Stress and Anxiety for more info.

If you would like to read more information on curing anxiety naturally visit: Vitamins For Anxiety HQ

Panic And Anxiety Exist For A Reason

Panic and anxiety can have a devastating impact on your life. In this article I want to talk about how to deal with this kind of problem. To understand what we have to do to deal with high levels of anxiety and panic attacks we have to start by understanding what exactly they are and why they exist at all.

We use many words to describe the problem but at the core of it, all we are dealing with is fear. Panic is nothing but an acute form of fear. Anxiety on the other hand is a chronic form of fear. Anxiety may have a lower intensity than panic but because it sticks to you, it can have an even bigger negative impact on your quality of life.

So what is fear? Fear is a physiological response of the body to the mind's detection of a sign of danger. It doesn't matter if there is in fact danger because the whole point of fear is motivating you to pay attention. It is a way of your subconscious mind telling your conscious mind "Hey, hold on! Something is not right!" These "signs of danger" are learned from painful experiences, they are memory triggers based on your past. This includes the experience of the unknown causing pain so there isn't necessarily a need for something specific to trigger the fear.

This heightened state of awareness we call panic and anxiety is designed to do only one thing: keep you safe. It helps you detect danger and motivates you to do the sorts of things that would protect you in an emergency, like running away, freezing or calling attention to yourself. It is not designed to help you live your life to the fullest; it is just an emergency reaction.

When our mind can't easily filter between real danger and common daily events it can get stuck in this emergency mode. It keeps telling you there is a problem and your thoughts go around in these compulsive loops that attempt to pinpoint what is wrong so you can deal with it, never finding something that enables it to relax. You may try to "calm down", to consciously control your body but that is not very effective as your physiological functions are mostly controlled subconsciously.

What you need to do is find a way to communicate with your subconscious mind so you can let it know you are safe. I am not talking about hypnosis, subliminal tapes or anything of the sort; the best way to communicate with and retrain your subconscious mind is through the conscious use of cognitive behavioural therapy.

CBT is a type of psychological treatment that focuses on changing how you think and respond to things today instead of spending years trying to uncover deep-seated childhood reasons for your actions. There is no "secret door" to your subconscious; it is simply the accumulated associations you developed through experience, the automatic reactions your body and mind have learned so it can leave your conscious mind free to make other types of decisions.

Once you learn the proper way to treat the real reasons for your condition there is no reason to continue suffering. Panic and anxiety are not things you need to learn to cope with, you can free your life from them. If you want to truly start to break free, have a look at a great resource I can recommend below?

This Panic Away Program is http://www.panicattackselfhelp.net a powerful, natural method to end panic and anxiety disorders for good.

Vitamin B And It Affects Anxiety

B vitamins are important to the human body. They are especially important for maintaining good mental health. Research studies show that a deficiency of vitamin B leads to anxiety, depression, trouble with sleeping, and problems with memory. All of these symptoms strongly show the impact that vitamin B can have on your mental well being.

Many diseases and illnesses are a result of a B-vitamin deficiency. This deficiency is caused by two factors. One, is that if we eat poorly, we simply don't intake enough of these B-vitamin enriched foods. And, two, is that many of our bad food choices can actually destroy vitamin B in our body. For example, alcohol and refined sugars, both deplete the stores of vitamin B in the body. Other sorts of junk foods have the same effect which is why it's important to realize that the foods you eat are as important for your mind as well as the body.

The reason that you have to take B vitamins from foods or supplements is that the body does not store them. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your body has enough of these vitamins, you have to get them from external food sources.

Most people don't need to worry as it takes a while for someone to actually develop a deficiency. However, if you are prone to dieting, it's possible that you are not getting all of the vitamin B that you need. If you have a disorder such as bulimia, you may be eating enough nutrients, but you may also lose a lot of them through vomiting.

Women who are pregnant need to be especially mindful of the foods that they eat. Many doctors consider this vitamin so important that they will ask the woman to take vitamin B12 supplements. They believe that is the fetus does not receive enough vitamin B, it can possibly lead to neural tube defects.

Fortunately, many foods today are fortified with the essential vitamins. For many normal people, most breakfast cereals will contain enough vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to make up a significant percentage of their daily needs. However, any kind of stress, mental or physical, can quickly deplete the vitamin B in your body. So, if you have just had a surgical procedure, are experiencing a lot of tension at work or at home, or have a physical job that requires lot of physical exertions, you almost certainly need more than the minimal requirements.

For additional info on anxiety related issues, please go to www.anxietyinamerica.com or click here.

Eczema Creams for Babies and Toddlers

Eczema is a very common skin condition, especially in infants and toddlers. Because of a baby's sensitive skin, the parents should be cautious about which lotions they use. Here is a list of the top 10 eczema creams for babies and toddlers based on personal experience and customer reviews.

1. Aquaphor Healing Ointment from Eucerin

This moisturizing ointment is designed to treat diaper rash and chafed cheeks and chins from drooling as well as eczema rashes. No eczema cream can be the best cream for everyone since people's skin react differently to skin care products. An example is that some parents say this is an extremely gentle cream compared to other creams while others say that this cream is harsh.

2. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream

Less greasy than some creams, this moisturizer is absorbed quickly in the skin. Like many others, this lotion contains soy. So, it should not be used on infants and toddlers who are allergic to soy.

3. Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream

Some parents say that this moisturizer worked better on their children's eczema than what the doctor prescribed. This does not mean that parents should disregard the doctor's recommendations. A concerned parent may want to discuss using an over-the-counter cream like this one rather than a prescription. However, this lotion contains soybean oil, so it should not be used on children who have allergies to soy.

4. California Baby Aloe Vera Cream

This cream contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients. It does not contain soy or dairy as many creams do. Some people use this cream for the whole family for eczema and minor skin irritations.

5. Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream

Some parents say that they had success using this cream to treat their children's eczema when the eczema did not get better with other creams. Bad customer reviews for this cream say that it didn't work for their children or the effect of this cream doesn't seem to last very long.

6. Shea butter

Many people use shea butter for themselves and their children. Some tout shea butter as a natural cure for eczema even though there is no cure for this condition. Shea butter can be sold separately or as an ingredient in moisturizing creams.

7. Triple Cream Severe Dry Skin/Eczema

Though this cream can be a bit greasy, it works very well for keeping skin moisturized. Customers say that the cream effectively reduces eczema flare ups. This cream is suitable for children and adults.

8. Calendula oils and creams

Calendula used in moisturizers is from marigolds. Moisturizing creams that contain calendula often are very good at treating and preventing eczema.

9. Babyganics Bye Bye Dry Moisturizing Eczema Care Cream

The positive customer reviews for this cream say that it effectively moisturizes the skin and works very fast to soothe eczema rashes.

10. Neosporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream

Parents said that this cream worked very well to clear up dry, flaky eczema rashes on their toddlers and school-age children. Some parents whose children have severe eczema have used this product as a steroid alternative.

Not even the best eczema cream will work well for everyone. Unfortunately, this means that finding one eczema cream that works for an individual involves trial and error. Hopefully, this list of the top 10 eczema creams for babies and toddlers will provide a starting point for parents who need to find a cream that will work for their children.

Sheila Wilson has written numerous articles about eczema causes, symptoms, and eczema treatment. Please visit Eczema on Skin for more information about the top 10 eczema creams.

Natural Eczema Skin Treatment Remedy

There are many eczema treatment options that are available today to help battle this skin condition. Do not let it catch you off guard. Since it affects the largest organ of the body, this medical condition can strike anytime even when you are not prepared. Being exposed to a variety of environmental elements does not help either.

Staying out in the open under the sweltering of the sun or the moist air brought about by the rain can weaken your resistance against bacteria and infection that can not be seen by the naked eye.

As one of the highly sensitive parts of the body, you can tell if someone is inflicted with eczema only by looking at the skin. Having a smooth texture and a healthy glow are general signs of being fit and staying in tip top shape.

However, having rashes and scars that seemingly came from nowhere should raise a red flag about the current status of your health. Other irregularities experienced or seen from the body should be taken as a hit as well. When these abnormalities occur, there is big chance that your body could be under attack by foreign bodies.

Taking good care of your skin greatly help in early detection and managing of many illnesses. Make sure to take care of yourself properly to prevent diseases including asthma and the various types of dermatitis.

One of the common medical conditions of the skin is eczema. Being afflicted by this condition usually causes patients to experience skin inflammation, itching and redness. The surfacing of rashes is another usual indication. Other hints include dryness of the skin and having a leathery feeling to it.

More often than not, this disease occurs in the face, neck, arms and legs as well as other exposed areas of the body. However, it is very much possible to have it on concealed areas like the ears and the soles of the feet.

For a lot of people, this disease progresses to become a difficult problem to resolve just like in infants who are afflicted in their first few months. As these children grow, it is very likely that they win over the condition but there is not certainty. Variations of this disease may be retained or resurface from time to time.

What are the eczema signs and symptoms to look out for?

Did you know that there are ways to foretell if you're at risk of developing eczema? You got that right! Though it may come as surprise, but abnormal itching after contact with possible triggers is a strong indication of contracting the disease. Random and persistent itching can be considered as unnatural.

Here are some more circumstances that should raise the red flag. When you experience any of this, don't just shrug it off. Take the necessary steps to confirm the existence of the condition and start working on eliminating it.

- Many people mindlessly scratch parts of their body which is normal. But when you begin to scratch more often and a light one doesn't do the trick anymore then you might be getting the disease. Damages from intense scratching can result from this.

- Having thick and dry patches in your face, neck, hands and legs are probable signs as well; more so if they are itchy so better watch out for this.

- Blisters, rashes and sores can surface due to frequent and too much scratching. In left to progress, bleeding and growth of pus in severe conditions are likely to happen.

- Fissures or cracks from excessively dry and irritated skin can also signal the presence of this skin disease. When these cracks are deeply-rooted and bring about excruciating pain then you'll surely no that it could lead to a skin disease.

What Causes Eczema?

Knowing what could prompt any medical condition is one of the best practices that can save you from a lot of headache and unnecessary expenses. Also, being properly informed can help you take control of your health. Though many would contest that no one can full prepare for the coming of any sickness or disease, having the right information coupled with the right attitude can liberate you from being a victim of any sickness or even chronic diseases.

Get to know what can trigger this skin disease is a valuable information. Though causes may vary from one person to other, genetics and family medical history can be a reliable source. Developing a medical condition experienced by your parents, siblings as well as your aunts and uncles is not impossible thanks to the wonderful world of genetics. Make sure that you keep this recorded updated to ensure that you and your children can benefit from it.

Apart from that basis of getting this skin condition, having a weak immune system, experiencing high levels of stress and unpredictable environmental conditions can trigger the development of dermatitis.

In order to prevent its development, be mindful of the products that you apply on your skin. Make sure that cosmetic products used are not yet expired and they do not contain substances that you are allergic with.

Other triggers are immediately present to the person's environment and can be prevented through a careful observance and proper reaction towards such factors:

Consider Eczema Creams - one of the preferred eczema remedy

Moisturizers, creams and ointments are among the easiest cures to kill the "eczema". Emollients as they called easy itching by dehydrating flaky patches. These medications can also heal and reverse the present condition of the skin if regularly used as prescribed. Worrying about placing synthetic moisture on your skin is not necessary because a number of these topical solutions were made to stimulate and lock in natural moisture coming from the skin.

Though most of these formulas can be bought over the counter or in pharmacies, it is best to consult your family doctor or a dermatologist to know which one is the best for you. Never buy out panic. Medical professionals are well educated and well trained to give you the right advice.

Heed their recommendation before making a decision. Topical corticosteroid creams and calcineurin inhibitors can reduce inflammation well but you might not need them yet or might not need them at all. Use medicated creams for a quick and simple solution to skin care related medical conditions.

Want to get rid of eczema once and for all WITHOUT burning a whole in your pocket? Take a good look at Natzema - Eczema Treatment Cream.
The author also writes about other eye problems like color blindness facts.

Nutritional Counseling and Food Allergies

Nutritional counseling helps patients discover and manage their food as well as nutritional concerns using short and long-term strategies for treatment. It is commonly used for patients experiencing health issues such as obesity, digestive ailments, diabetes, musculoskeletal or neuromuscular disorders, menopause, and food allergies among others.

Through diet assessment and analysis as well as exercise routines, nutrition may be viewed as a primary factor in keeping and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. A person may experience different diseases because the body has become vulnerable without proper nutrition. Dietitians and nutritional counselors will help patients find specific ways to achieve the correct nutrition needed by his body. When a patient undergoes nutritional counseling, his individual profile is assessed and analyzed.

Proper Nutrition with Food Allergies

Patients with food allergies can take advantage of nutrition counseling to ensure that he meets all nutritional needs within his restrictive diet and find out how he can eat to promote digestive healing.

In most cases, food allergies are complicated and misunderstood. This could be due to genetics, but why some people react in such ways to what they eat has many factors and is usually connected to the whole well-being and body health. The key to healthier immune system is a healthy digestion. When incomplete digestions occur, there is also an incomplete breakdown of proteins which can compromise the gut barrier and 'leak' these proteins into the blood. These often react with the immune cells and the reaction is known to be one of the main reasons for food reactions and sensitivities.

Understanding the Digestion, Food and Proper Nutrition

Chronic stress and poor digestions are some of the primary causes of food intolerance. Digestion is compromised by a combination of factors including poor diet, environmental toxins, stress as well as an overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria. A patient may be advised to follow simple changes in their eating habits such as eating smaller portions, chewing thoroughly, eating slowly, using digestive supplements or bitters and eliminate bad bacteria while rebuilding good bacteria.

Taking time to consult a dietician specializing in food allergies and intolerance will help patients discover and clarify the foods that can be potentially reactive. Nutritional counseling can help patients with alternatives and suggested menu to ensure that they meet the proper vitamin and mineral requirements. Nutritional counselors will also provide you with food ideas that are easy to digest and will support digestive health and your immune system. Soon, you'll be on your way to regaining total body health and well-being while you eat healthy, repair your gut and heal your body.

Dr. Gerry Hinley, D.C. decided to become a chiropractor after a disabling injury in college. Dr. Hinley believes Chiropractic's philosophy that teaches a person heals from within, without drugs, surgery or their harmful side effects. After years of service in chiropractic he is now owner and clinic director for Integrative Physical Medicine of Chicago.

Tips to Natural Hair Care Treatment

Hair has its seasons. And we all have different types of hair: thick, thin and curly - yet it all suffers as the weather changes.

Hair can grow half an inch every four weeks, and each strand is covered by a protective cuticle that gets damaged every time we style it using different chemicals and artificial salon procedures.

People may spend a great deal of money just to get the right hair care products for them. However, there are hair care treatments available without spending too much.

More Tips to Natural Hair Care Treatment:

•Brighten Up Dull Hair - long exposure to the sun, dehumidifiers, dry climates and chemical products causes dull hair. You can brighten up dull hair again by using some natural treatments like: diluting the juice of 2 lemons into a mug of water and use it as hair rinse. Another is to use avocado and yogurt; mash avocado and add the yogurt, apply the blend to your hair, cover your hair with plastic wrap for an hour and wash it off with cold water.

•Remove Hairspray Buildup - hairspray gives style to hair but it can also leave chemicals for a long time that can cause damage. Some natural tips to avoid this are: using citrus-based clarifying shampoo to wash out the impurities and chemicals left in the hair. You can also use 1 cup Epsom salt into 1 gallon of distilled water and a cup of lemon juice; use this solution as a leave-on before shampooing to remove the buildup.

•Exfoliate the Scalp - it is also important to maintain a healthy scalp in order to keep your hair beautiful. A few exfoliating treatments that you could try: in a bowl of yogurt, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your scalp, leave it on for half an hour then rinse with cool water. You can also try 2 tablespoons of oatmeal mixed with 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 2 drops of tea tree oil. Completely cover your scalp with this mixture, massage for 5 minutes, and then rinse with shampoo and conditioner.

•Condition with Eggs - eggs are rich in nutrients and protein that strengthen the hair follicle and gives volume and texture. Some condition recipe using eggs are: beat 1 egg with 1 tablespoon of vinegar, massage this mixture onto the scalp, leave it on for 45 minutes then rinse with warm water. Also, you can try beating 2 eggs and add 2 teaspoons of odorless linseed oil then cover the scalp and hair with this recipe for about an hour and rinse off with cool water.

•Untangle Matted Hair - there are few methods you can try to detangle matted hair: after shampoo, apply conditioner and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then comb your hair gently under the running shower, you can also use your fingers to separate the knots, continue this until hair is completely untangled. You may also tie your hair loosely into a ponytail before going to bed, the next morning you will be able to notice tangle-free hair.

The hair is known to be our crowning glory, and since no magic pill exists to take care of it automatically, we need to be in charge of maintaining the natural beauty of it. If hair problems continues after trying some of the hair care treatment mentioned above, it is best to talk to experts for medical advice.

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General Health And Wellness Tips

A healthy mind and body are very essential to lead a happy and fulfilling life. There are numerous of people who fall ill very often while others hardly ever do. One reason could be the difference between their immune systems. In addition to that, proper hygiene, diet and exercise also play a key role in turning you into a fit person. Some small yet significant habits and routines can also make you fine and healthy. These are -

Stay hydrated: Drink at least 8-10 large glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. The number could go up in summers as we tend to perspire more which leads to rapid loss of water from the body. Whenever you go out, keep a water bottle with you. This is to ensure quick access to clean water whenever you feel thirsty.

Get proper sleep: Due to your hectic schedules, you tend to miss out on your sleep which could lead you to many complications in life. Your body needs to rest after it has been worked up during the day. An adult needs 7-9 hours of undisturbed and peaceful sleep. Therefore, avoid pulling all-nighters and get a good night's sleep for better health.

Use sunscreen: Use sunscreen every time you step out of the house. The UV and UB rays are extremely harmful for the skin and can also lead to skin cancer. One must apply sunscreen even on cloudy days as the sunrays can penetrate through the clouds and harm you. Always use it half an hour before you step out and re-apply again after 2-3 hours.

Keep all the emergency numbers handy: In case something does happen to you, make sure you have all the emergency numbers handy. Keep them where you can quickly access them like on the fridge or centre table. You could also set them as speed dials on your phone. In addition to that, if you are prone to some disease let your friends and family know about the medication you take and their quantities.

Avoid wearing flip flops: While they keep your feet cool and trendy during summers but they fail to provide the required support for the feet. Therefore, if you have to travel long distances prefer sports shoes over sandals as they provide comfort and easiness to the feet.

Learn first aid: If ever you do get a bruise or cut, you should know what to do to stop the bleeding. Take classes for first aid and also learn about important medicines in case you need them. As soon as you are able to stable yourself call out for help for further medication.

Health is the only thing to get you going. Therefore, follow the above mentioned health and wellness tips to keep yourself fit and good.

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Importance of Current Health

Good health is very vital in everybody's life. It is vital even to the society as healthy people participate more in building the society both economically and socially. Current health articles are very vital in informing the people about current news regarding different trends and tips in the health sector. Therefore, these articles are as important to us in life like any other type of informative material in our lives. These are snme of the reasons why these articles are important to us:

 &nbrp; 1. They tell us about recent discoveries- current health articles explain the current advances in the medical field to better our health. For example, a recent surgery or treatment that has been invented to treat a certain disease. They also explain the effectiveness of that treatment and in some cases the approximate cost. They also notify us of any risk that may be involved in the treatment. This puts one in the best position to make the right decision concerning your health.

   2. They give information about diet plans- these current health articles tell us which diet plans are best for our health. This is even more important if you are seeking for the best diet plan in losing weight. They give details on which diet suits your interests and is easy to adapt. They also give details on effectiveness of a certain plan therefore you are able to make the right decision. They also tell us what kind of foods are harmful to our health therefore one is able to eat healthy and stay healthy as well.

   3. They give information about certain diseases- the current health articles explain about certain emerging or life threatening diseases like hydronephrosis. They explain the diseases in detail and their symptoms. This way, one is able to compare the symptoms they have developed and the ones mentioned therefore they have a rough idea on what they may be suffering from before they go see a doctor. This prepares the patient emotionally on what they are going to be facing during this time.

Generally, these articles keep us updated on current health trends. The information they give is very important as it guides us in living a healthy life. The best thing is that they can both physical and emotional health as well. They keep us updated on the current achievements and technological advancement therefore we become aware of what is happening around us.

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Alternative Medicine As Treatment for Cancer

Cancer treatment can be tricky. Some measures work miraculously as the body responds in a positive way. However, there are also methods that may not be effective. Alternative methods are worth looking into when trying to find an ideal cancer treatment.

Alternative medicine might make use of measures that are not recognized as part of standard procedures. They do not have to be performed by doctors or other health professionals. These methods might not be the only ones that you need in order to improve your symptoms. However, these can be used in conjunction with other standard methods. Before you sign up for any alternative medicine treatment, you have to get clearance from your principal health provider. A lot of complications might ensue if the method is not right for you. Sometimes, your health provider will be the one who will recommend which treatment alternatives you can try.

Alternative medicine might mean the methods that people will use as a substitute to the standard measures that they have no means of undergoing. Some people will opt to have these methods as they cannot afford to get them from a medical doctor. There are also individuals who will decide to undergo alternative measures as no standard methods have been effective.

This can be used to manage the existing symptoms. It may also be used to prevent the development of new symptoms. Alternative medicine also hopes to improve the individual's health. The person's quality of life may be greatly affected if he or she is not suffering from any acute or chronic symptoms. When used with other treatment methods, it may help improve the effects.

Acupuncture is a famous method. Thin needles are inserted in certain points of the body. These points are varied and are believed to be connected with particular symptoms one experiences. A trained individual knows where these points should be. If you do not have special training on acupuncture, you can't just go and plunge needles under your skin.

In relation to cancer treatment, acupuncture can be used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Nausea and vomiting may be prevented. Pains and aches may also be reduced.

Aside from acupuncture, chiropractors may also be used in cancer management. Chiropractic therapy strives to attain homeostasis in the body. Balance inside the body is disturbed when it is sick. In order for a person to become healthy again, that balance should be restored.

Herbal medicine is another alternative medicine method. This uses certain herbs to produce health benefits. These herbs can be taken in the form of dietary supplements. They may also be in the form of scents that can product positive effects to the body. Herbal medicine can cause certain health problems. However, with proper use, you will be able to avoid interactions and negative reactions with the medications that you might be taking. Use it as your doctor would recommend. Do not take a dosage that is higher than what it recommended to you. You might experience detrimental effects. Instead of becoming healthier, you might only create complications in your health status.

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Herbal Medicines Safe and Effective for Health

Today, many people believe that herbal medicines are safe and effective for health. In addition, many of them also believe in several impractical myths relating to herbs. However, you need to know that herbal products are not necessarily safe and effective just because they are natural. Accordingly, in this article, I want to discuss why people still have misconceptions, and why use of herbal medicines could be harmful to you.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine can be described as the medical knowledge practice that uses herb or herb extracts for therapeutic purposes. This medical practice is also known as "traditional medicine", "botanical medicine", "phytomedicine" and "natural medicine". In addition, this medical practice is the oldest but most widely used in all cultures and societies.

Why People Still Have Misconceptions About Herbal Medicines?

One of the main reasons is that still there are many believers in herb myths, and most of these people have a common misconception that herbs are natural ingredients, not drugs. In addition, as these medicines are prepared from herbs or herbal extracts, many of them also believe that they possess magical therapeutic properties with no side effects. However, you need to know that not just some myths, several other reasons are also playing a large part for creating these misconceptions. Poor regulatory administration, limited scientific studies, availability as over the counter (OTC) products in pharmacies and huge advertising from marketers as natural with no adverse effects are the major reasons for developing these misconceptions.

Why Use of Herbal Medicine Could Be Harmful to You?

If you are thinking of taking herbal medicines, it is necessary for you to know that these products can cause risky and serious adverse reactions to the user's body. According to a published article of World Health Organization (WHO), herbal product or supplement could be risky and dangerous, if it is administered inappropriately, or in combination with other medicines or the therapy or product lacks desired quality. In addition, according to several studies, many of these medicinal products can cause dangerous drug-drug interactions with modern allopathic medicines as well as with other herbal remedies. Further, these herb-drug interactions could alter the efficacy and bioavailability of the prescribed medications.

Moreover, you need to know that, with only a few exceptions, most of these medicines are not experimented for safety, efficiency and effectiveness through clinical trials or studies. As a result, many researchers said that these medicines could cause serious health hazards. In addition, according to the scientific and medical community, these medicines may danger the life or well-being of the consumer when administered instead of allopathic medicines.

In conclusion, you need to know that WHO recommends consulting with physicians before taking herbal medicines. Because, you need to make sure that the medicine or herb you are taking into consideration is safe for use, or will not cause any side effects and is safe to use in combination with other allopathic drugs.

Mr. Imtiaz Ibne Alam is a Pharmacist (Bachelor in Pharmacy), and over the last 4 years, he had worked in different medical and healthcare projects. Professionally, he is associated in pharmaceutical manufacturing (mainly in production, quality control and product management department). He is also a part-time freelance writer and http://www.medical-reference.net/ is his personal blog. His sole aim of writing is to highlight over different drugs, medicines, healthcare and pharmaceutical issues.

Private Health Insurance or Socialized Medicine

Today in America, many people are divided on the issue of private health insurance verses socialized medicine. Tempers are raging and even households are being divided on the issue. Both systems have their benefits and disadvantages. Here, the goal is to compare and contrast the two systems in plain, everyday terms to benefit the consumer that has little or no knowledge on the subject and is looking for an overview.

Although many Americans feel that socialized medicine would be a better option, the truth of the matter is that the majority of consumers that currently live in countries with socialized medicine would prefer to have private insurance instead. Many Canadian citizens actually come to the states for medical treatment because they feel that private healthcare is superior to socialize. This may be a case of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. Only you can decide for yourself who would be most beneficial for you and your family.

The one of the major downfalls of socialized medicine is the lack of quality care. If a doctor's paycheck is provided regardless of the quality of his care, there is little incentive for him to excel at his work. With private healthcare and insurance, doctors are forced to compete for business and thus are focused to give the best care possible in hope that the patient will return. Often in countries with socialized medicine the doctors employed by the government are not closely monitored and their bedside manner is almost never taken into account.

In a free market business owners strive for optimum customer satisfaction for the success of their business. If you are not satisfied with your hair dresser, you would seek out another. Even in fields other than medicine employees are encouraged to give ideal service and are given incentives to do so. Would you want your health in the hands of a doctor that has little or no incentive to perform his job well?

Another major downfall of socialized medicine is the lack of choice. Private insurance gives a patient the freedom of choice. In a socialized system, healthcare offices are assigned to districts and without a competitive market there would be only one option within each district. If a consumer is not satisfied with the local office they may have to travel out of their district to even have an option of better care. With private insurance there are certain healthcare offices that are within an insurance providers preferred network, but usually there are enough offices in the network to provide adequate options. Even if the healthcare provider you prefer is not in your insurance network, there is usually still coverage for the provider in a lesser amount.

A third major downfall of socialized medicine is the inability of the consumer to acquire the help they need. Private insurance gives you the ability to seek the care you require. In many countries with socialized medicine, it is easy to get in to see a general practitioner, but you are put on a waiting list to see a specialized practitioner. Sadly this often takes months, if not years. It is commonly said about countries with socialized medicine that if you have a condition requiring specialized care, you may die before you get it.

Truly, the best option for you is to do the research yourself and make an informed decision. Take the points given here into consideration and decide what is best for you and your family.

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Advances in Medical Engineering Benefits Public Health

Medical engineering is a vital component of the healthcare industry and, in turn, a vital component of public health. By supplying health practitioners with the latest advancements in medical equipment and technology, the field of medical engineering supports the health and wellbeing of millions of people every year.

Many advances in the field of medical engineering today seem commonplace. But the development of essential life-saving and life-improving tools like hip replacements, pacemakers, medical imaging, life support systems and medical lasers would not have been possible without research and development in the field of medical engineering.

How Medical Engineering Benefits the Public Health Sector

The healthcare industry is the world's biggest industrial sector with an annual turnover of approximately £100 billion and is currently expanding at a rate of 7% per annum.

As such a quintessential industry, and with the provision of quality and reliable healthcare a fundamental concern for every individual, it is essential for the healthcare industry to be supported by the medical engineering industry.

It does this by conducting extensive research and development in the production of efficient, reliable and safe medical equipment and technology.

From evaluating medical equipment at the design stage, to testing the parameters and limitations of medical equipment, the work of engineers assesses the viability and functionality of medical equipment and its components in order to assure quality and reliabilty for medical practitioners working in the healthcare industry.

Improving Quality of Life for the Public

The advancements in medical technology not only assist medical practitioners in their work. Patients, and therefore the public at large, also rely on these advancements for their quality of life.

Hip replacement devices are just one area where medical engineering is playing a vital role in supporting health practitioners and benefitting public health. As a very common operation, hip replacement surgery has brought pain relief and renewed mobility to millions of people worldwide. Continuing research is further exploring ways to improve the performance of artificial hip joints and extend life-spans so they can be used for longer periods and on younger and more active patients.

In addition, further technological advancements have recently seen developments in artificial limb technology. Bionic arms with powered finger, wrist, elbow and shoulder movement is one such area undergoing amazing developments in research. Other exciting advancements involve the development of artificial tendons that respond to electrical currents and behave in a way similar to human muscles, allowing for greater usability and control of artificial limbs.

Another exciting advancement that will greatly impact the public health sector and improve quality of life includes research in the area of artificial retina chips. These artificial chips would be designed to replace a damaged retina and partly restore lost vision. This advancement will have far reaching applications for people with limited sight and greatly improve their quality of life. The potential to transform the quality of life for these people is huge.

Medical technology is vital to the wellbeing of our heathcare sectors and the wellbeing of our society.

Gene Baker is an author of articles in a variety of areas including medical engineering.

Medical Scrubs and Health Care Dress Codes

As with any job, positions in the field of medicine and health care can only be performed properly when one has all of the necessary tools. These tools can include everything from toothpick to power tools, and from large appliances and fixtures to tiny towels. Among the most important tools of the trade in many professions is the type of uniforms that are required to perform the job. In some professions, obviously, the importance of the clothing one is wearing is more important than others, but there are many fields in which the proper uniform must be worn at all times. One of the oldest professions of all time has always had a unique but often formal dress code - medicine. The field of medicine has existed as long as human beings realized that they had the power to influence the effects that the world exerted upon them through the use of herbs, tools, and even their own hands. While medicine has progressed a long way since then, some things that have emerged in the time since have not changed much, such as the requirement of a dress code. While in different areas of the world the dress code differs, there is usually a requirement that special clothes be worn for medical professionals, such as medical scrubs.

The special uniforms that medical professionals are required to wear may be different in different areas but they mostly tend to be required because they promote a small scope of similar benefits. One of the reasons that medical scrubs and other similar - or even dissimilar - types of medical clothing is required for professionals in the field is to promote a sanitary work environment. Disease can be spread easily through unclean conditions, so it is vital that the clothes that someone wore outside on the streets is not permitted to contaminate an operating room. Even if you got your clothing straight out of the washer and dryer cycle in the morning, it could potentially be contaminated with a wide array of chemicals before it ever reached a hospital.

Of course, cleanliness is a very high priority but it is not the only reason why specialized medical attire is required. There are many other reasons, including professionalism, uniformity, the ability to easily tell who staff members are and who potential patients are in emergency situations. Medical scrubs offer many benefits in the field for everyone involved.

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Sports Medicine Promotes Health and Wholeness

Sports medicine involves more than just the diagnosing and treatment of sports-related injuries. This aspect of the medical field has many different facets that contribute to the health and wholeness of athletes. Not only is this field important to professional sports players, but it is beneficial to those in college, high school, middle school and even athletes who are much younger. Some of the different areas of this medical profession include, exercising and workouts, nutrition, injury prevention and sports psychology.

Exercising and working out are one of the more noted features of sports medicine. Everyone who plays sports, especially in a professional capacity, recognizes the importance of staying active. Of course, they participate in exercise activities as a part of their regular sports games and competitions. However, in order to stay in shape, they must follow a regimen that they make a part of their own every day schedule. For instance, some football and basketball players are encouraged to run or walk around a track a few days a week. This allows them to build up their endurance.

Nutrition is another vital part of sports medicine. Not only do specialists advise athletes on how to stay physically healthy, but they also help them with their nutritional habits. Sports players can do as many workouts as humanely possible, but if they don't eat right, they are defeating the purpose. Not only could bad eating habits harm their productivity, but it can also put them at risk for diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. These sicknesses are not only harmful to them as athletes, but as human beings in general.

Another important aspect of this field includes injury prevention. One of the things a sports medicine physician will do is help athletes keep themselves from getting injured unnecessarily. Therefore, they will encourage them to take all necessary precautions in order to keep them as injury-free as possible. Someone can be the best athlete in the world, capable of breaking every record possible. However, if they can't stay physically healthy, they will never be able to live up to their full potential. Sadly, this occurs every day. There are a lot of people who weren't able to get a sports-related scholarship or break into a professional sports league, all because they were too injury-prone.

Sports psychology is also extremely essential to athletes. One of the things many sports players may struggle with is anxiety. This is most likely due to the competitive nature of their activities. Some of them feel a great deal of pressure to win and meet extremely high standards. So, having someone who can counsel them and help them to relive the stress and pressure that they may be feeling is invaluable.

Sports medicine provides a way for athletes to be healthy and whole. Without having the help of the specialists in this field, there's a good chance that many sports players would not experience the health and success they desire.

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Safe Is Herbal Medicine

"All herbs are safe; it is okay that I am on medicine from my doctor and still take these supplements."

These are statements that one may hear if they question the safety of herbs or herbal therapy. However, all herbs and herbal therapies may not be completely safe for everyone. So, before someone delves into those theories, perhaps it is best to understand what herbal medicine is.

So, What Is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is not just going to the pantry and shaking out some oregano and declaring you cured. Actually, it is based on ancient forms of healing. Our ancestors used what was found out in nature to heal and to prevent ailments. Native Americans truly believed and still believe that all we need in life, Mother Earth will provide; meaning, there is no need to take synthetic pills to cure. However, it is interesting that some synthetic drugs have been based on aspects of nature.

Herbal Examples

Not all herbs are created equally. Some herbs are not for human consumption. At least not the way they are presented in nature. Perhaps some of these have hidden properties, but they have not been discovered yet. It may be that they are only to be combined with certain properties to make them safe. That is one of the funny things about nature; you must never underestimate it and the powers that have yet to be uncovered. Some herbs are merely for spicing up that stew or to make your house smell better. However, some may truly have medicinal properties. A few examples of these herbs would be:

Garlic - Garlic has been used in many Italian dishes, but it has shown to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Peppermint - Not only useful as a breath freshener but it also helps reduce nausea and flatulence.

Ginger root - Also helps with nausea, especially during morning sickness

Oats & Oat Straw - These wonder herbs are full of calcium and magnesium so they help relieve anxiety, restlessness, and irritated skin

Safety Concerns

Once upon a time, there was a thought that it was time to come up with standards for practical medicine and drugs. This was instilled to protect the general public from fraudulent drugs and doctors and hopefully protect them from further illness or even worse, death. It was not uncommon for a traveling "doctor" to come rolling into town with the new elixir that would cure everything from baldness to the intestinal disorder. However, many were later found to be nothing more than watered-down whiskey or a combination of herbs and extracts. These standards are met during the production of modern medical medicines, but are different when it comes to herbal medicines.

The standardization of dosage and purity is not mandated in the United States. It is remarkable that products made with herbs to the same specifications may still be different because of the result of biochemical variations in the plant. Plants have chemical defense mechanisms against predators that may have lethal effects in humans. A couple of examples would be poison hemlock and nightshade; this is why these herbs are not available on the market. A couple of other cases of negative herb use include liver failure due to black cohosh and chronic licorice ingestion, which has led to major potassium depletion.

Humans Could Be The Ones To Blame For

Once again, this could be a case that we are our own worst enemy. Some humans tend to jump into things without doing the research beforehand, and there are cases with herbal medicine that seem to follow suit. Some patients will be taking medicine prescribed by their doctor that will lower blood pressure but then read an article that claims that a certain herb has been proven to do the same. They think it would be great to double up with both before consulting their doctor or herbalist and ingest both. This can result in dangerously low blood pressure, which can be just as harmful as high blood pressure. It is known that some herbs and certain fruits interrupt with the cytochrome, which is vital in drug metabolism.

There are arguments on both sides of this issue. Herbal medicine seems to become more and more popular with not only followers of alternative medicine but also with those who want to enhance their present lifestyle. Herbal medicine continues to prove safe and effective under proper use, and could be even more so if patients can bridge the gap between their modern medical practitioner and their desire to understand and hopefully benefit from herbal medicine.

I am Dr. Robertino Bedenian and I have several websites dealing with nutrition, pilates, baby care and pregnancy. I do publish articles on different genres of health, back pain and other non-medical topics.

Did you find those safety tips useful? You can learn more about things you should really know about natural herb remedies in order to have a more comprehensive understanding here.

Herbal Medicine - Minty Freshness Isn't Just for Your Breath

Did you know that Chinese herbal medicine far predates acupuncture techniques for eliciting change in the body? Fortunately, Chinese herbal medicine isn't just weird sounding and smelling substances. In fact, many Chinese herbal medicines might be hiding in your kitchen or garden and since a vast majority of Chinese herbal medicines are plant based, chances are that you have come in contact with many that play important roles in herbal medicine. Sometimes they may be in a form we aren't used to, like asparagus tubers, gardenia fruits and apricot seeds, but they are still related to the plant we know and love.

One oft used herb is Bo He, better known as Field Mint. Bo He is an herb that is cooling in temperature but also has a pungent and aromatic nature to it. It is said to travel to the Lung and Liver meridians. The Lungs are involved in the immune system and the body's defense against external pathogens. The Liver is largely responsible for the smooth flow of Qi through the body.

Based on its actions on the Lungs, Field Mint is used in Chinese medicine to release the Exterior and disperse Wind-Heat. What is meant by this is that can be used to combat colds and flu that have a fever, sore throat, cough with yellow sputum, and headache component to them. Chinese medicine holds that the immune system resides superficially in the exterior layers of the skin so by opening these layers, an invading pathogen can be forced out easier. In addition, Field Mint is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to decrease the severity of colds. Peppermint oil has also been shown to have anti-microbial and anti-viral capabilities in research studies.

Bo He also has a role in promoting the free flow of Qi through the body and thus Soothes the Liver Qi. To Soothe in Chinese medicine means to "Promote the Free Flow" so Field Mint can help treat conditions of stuck or constrained Liver Qi like chest pressure, depression or irritability, and gynecological complaints like painful menstruation. Considering the pungent scent of mint and the active component, menthol, it is easy to see how it can relieve chest tightness or pressure. But what about menstrual complaints? In a 2012 study published in the Journal of American Science, a survey of rural adolescent girls in Egypt struggling with menstrual pain showed that peppermint was the second most commonly used herbal remedy behind fenugreek seed, which is also a Chinese herbal remedy called Hu Lu Ba. The menthol in mint is known to have an anti-spasmodic action on the muscles of the digestive tract that can cause menstrual cramping. In addition to cramping, Bo He has a positive effect on PMS symptoms, scanty periods, or heavy menstrual bleeding as well.

So next time you are drinking a nice cup of tea to help combat a cold or to relax and warm your belly when you are stuck at home with abdominal discomfort, pop a piece of mint or two into your mug and enjoy the after effects. Why do you think those twins in the gum commercials looked so happy after all?

Chris Lehmann is a nationally board licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist practicing in Boston, MA. His acupuncture practice, Eastern Sun Acupuncture, seeks to provide the safest, most effective and comprehensive acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy to Boston and surrounding communities. More information can be found at the website, http://www.easternsunacupuncture.com/. He also publishes blog posts, maintains an active Facebook fan page and tweets acupuncture related news as @easternsunacu. To learn more about Eastern Sun Acupuncture or to book an appointment, visit http://www.easternsunacupuncture.com/ today.

Benefits of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine for Optimal Health

Increasingly, people are considering natural and herbal medicinal approaches as a complementary or primary course of health management. Traditional medical doctors knowledgeable of natural holistic health treatments are now accepting, even embracing, naturopathy as a means of treating many conditions. In fact, natural alternative medicine is rooted in scientific research which still seems to surprise some.

What is Naturopathic Medicine and is it for You?

The primary premise of naturopathic medicine is that the body possesses the ability to heal itself. The role of a naturopathic doctor, and the course of recommended treatment, is focused on stimulating the body's natural abilities to recover leveraging non-invasive means.

Is naturopathic medicine for you? Naturopath approaches can benefit anyone as they are effective for treatment of chronic conditions, acute ailments, and perhaps most importantly - an integral part of preventative health management. Yes, not only can a naturopathic approach (often involving herbal medicinal treatment) reverse and/or slow the progression of chronic disease and illness, it is a vital ingredient for preventing disease development.

Selecting a Naturopathic Doctor for Optimal Health Benefits

Before selecting a naturopathic doctor it is important to understand the principles by which they practice:

    * Of course, to "Do No Harm" and act ethically in their approach.
    * To work with and leverage the Healing Power of Nature.
    * To establish root causes of disease and formulate treatment accordingly.
    * To seek to heal the "whole" body, this requires individualized treatment.
    * To teach healthy living practices, provide lifestyle recommendations and focus on preventative health measures.

Importantly, selecting a naturopathic doctor is just like selecting a conventional medical doctor, or any important service provider. You will want to research them - their credentials, their practice history and experience; and seek out any word of mouth references from people who have actually visited the naturopath. Ultimately, selecting a naturopathic doctor comes down to your actually meeting them. Typically, initial consultations are no or low cost. This is time and effort well invested. Would you take hugely important advice on your health and wellness from someone you weren't comfortable with and "not so sure about"?

Alternative Herbal Medicine and Your Optimal Health

Phytotherapy, medical herbalism, botanical medicine...no matter what the term herbal medicine is focused on both disease prevention and treatments of ailments. The benefits of going the alternative route to achieve optimal health include:

    * Derived from herbs with naturally occurring medicinal properties.
    * Synthetic free
    * No-low incidence of side effects
    * Naturally promotes detoxification
    * Highly effective at preventing and treating root cause conditions, such as high blood pressure and obesity, which are responsible for an exponentially large number of health problems that arise from these conditions.

If you are considering a switch to alternative medicinal approaches, you are on the path to discovering naturally improved health. Do research diligently when selecting a naturopathic doctor to be sure they are right for you. With a commitment to improved health and the right treatment approach, alternative medicine can help you achieve and maintain optimum health.

Elemental Therapies is a whole health clinic specializing in alternative medicine and natural health treatments. Our whole health spa offers naturopath and herbal treatment services; colon cleansing; ion foot bath detox; and FIR infrared sauna therapy.

Health IT in Medical School

Medical Students

We have a new wave of medical students that are coming out of medical school in this new generation of technology, social media, and healthcare innovations brought on from departments from hospitals such as Kaiser Permanente. Students now acknowledge that they need access to smartphones, tablets, and any devices that helps them integrate into an advanced society where textbooks are even read on electronic devices. It keeps those already practicing older physicians on their toes as they may feel like they are being weaved out. The Kaiser innovation team are continually improving their health IT each and everyday, I am sure that we are poised to see a huge jump in technological health devices to improve healthcare for patients and online doctor alike.

And as students are being educated through devices, I am sure the implementation of such devices to practice medicine through teleHealth will be a necessity as students will not be educated on the "older" way of practicing. Newly board certified and licensed graduate medical students will be using technology to communicate with their patients via Facebook, Twitter, etc. The influx of positions to employ such an online doctor will increase exponentially in the upcoming years with telemedicine poised to be well-received with benefits and government funding. Using devices to monitor their vital signs, using iPads and other tablets that can generate a front facing camera consultation to watch over patients, or simply using a cellular devices to speak and see with a patient at home.

Two Way Real-Time consultation is making a huge step in the world of medicine with even physician professors broadcasting lectures and PowerPoints through Podcasts and Live Stream Sites. Current board certified students are giving advices over the phone for elders who can't make it to the office. It also gives the patients the comfortability of being at home. Home is where most patient's sanctuary remain and if one can be diagnosed in their sanctuary, I'm pretty sure their healthcare would improve. Of course, there remains the security of information using already made applications like Skype and so there have been services where they have employed their own developers to develop a private video application with encryption to protect the patients' confidentiality.

TeleHealth implementation in medical schools in Arizona and Chicago have been pushing for students to receive or buy iPads because companies are moving towards digital images of the human anatomy and scrubbing through slides on a touchpad. It has been much easier on the school with it saving cost, preserving the environment and adapt to a consumer lifestyle. So when graduating, they will be able to connect with their patient who are probably now technologically literate.

In my foreseeable future, more hospitals will need to hire doctors that are well-trained with technology and trained with these new health devices that can monitor a patient's vital signs via broadband and WiFi. The ability to follow-up with patients outside of the hospital no matter whether either are will make these future medical students a much needed prospect. A medical school doesn't have to stand by the old generation of medicine when government funding and private funding are increasing the use of online doctor with telemedicine/telehealth to lessen the cost of running hospitals and free clinics.

Tara Jones - Medical Student 2014
"Technology and Health - Advancement in Medicine Practices"

Traditional Chinese Medicine Making Turning Heads in Western World

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a practice that has been garnering increased attention from many members of the Western medical community. With acupuncture and acupressure clinics springing up all over the United States, more Western patients are using TCM techniques for any number of ailments and conditions ranging from migraine headache relief to TMJ treatment (temporomandibular, jaw). This increased interest is*causing acupuncture schools to open their doors to both educate and treat students and patients in the United States.

TCM is really an umbrella term for several practices and modes of treatment that have been thriving in Eastern countries for many centuries. Popular practices include acupressure, Chinese Herbology, several forms of exercise therapy, and the ever popular acupuncture therapy. The treatments focus on combining healthy modes of bodily functions (correct breathing, sleeping, digestion, etc.) with an emphasis on cosmological balance to find underlying disharmony in the patient's health. Although rejected as an "alternative medicine" in the Western medical world, TCM is the most commonly practiced and researched medical ideology in Eastern countries who continue to update and research the practices with regards to modern Western medical advances.

Continuing in the advances of the modern TCM community, Dr. Shi Xue-Min has been advancing acupuncture technique and treatment for years. As a distinguished scholar and researcher in the field of TCM, Dr. Shi has developed an acupuncture technique called Xing Nao Kai Qiao (XNKQ) to, very successfully, treat stroke patients. Dr. Shi succeeded in blending aspects of Eastern cosmology, surgically precise acupuncture technique, and biomedical study to create an acupuncture regimen with the ability to increase flow of bodily fluids and treat stroke. Dr. Shi's synthesis of ideologies with respect to tradition is emblematic of the modern TCM community in its persistence in study and research. Currently, Dr. Shi's research has been built upon to include acupuncture effects at the DNA level, paving the way for TCM advancement for years to come.

Coupled with acupuncture, Chinese Herbology is being increasingly utilized as a supplemental treatment to other forms of TCM. With a catalogue of over 6,000 substances (600 of which are in common use), Chinese Herbology uses tastes and temperatures to further the work of acupressure and acupuncture in creating healthy bodily harmonies for the patient.

Many Chinese Medicine and acupuncture schools are beginning to take Dr. Shi's approach to TCM. Opening their doors for free initial visits and consultations, these schools are attempting to bring TCM to the Western world with a focus on creativity, skill at diagnosis, and healing. TCM is becoming a modern combination of anatomy, philosophy, and medicine, with special regards to culture, and that is where TCM thrives. Contact your nearest acupressure clinic or acupuncture school to schedule a consultation.

Conventional Or Alternative Medicine

With all due respect there is no better than conventional medicine when it comes to emergency, surgery and trauma. For everything else, alternative or natural medicine is far more effective - particularly for chronic illness which conventional medicine is completely unable to treat or cure.

For more than 10.000 years natural therapies being used, while conventional medicine is but 100 years old.

They deserve the recognition people have given them as they have healing modalities and benefits proven by credible reviewed research.

Modern medicine actually suppresses and thwarts that healing mechanism by having unbalanced the complex human organism and its systems, particularly the immune system.

The overuse and misuse of antibiotics by professional practitioners has increased substantially over years.

As the liberal use of drugs increases at the same time ignoring its importance of diet, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle change. This could solve many small health issues without drugs or medication.

Yet this type of treatment of which would have no consequences of any side effects is most of the time ignored and seldom addressed by medical professions or doctors.

The world health organization estimates that some 70 per cent of the world's population relies on alternative medicine to treat, prevent and cure diseases. In some parts of the western world we have closed - minded medical organizations, they damage and bring in to dispute the entire natural health profession.

Do we have it completely wrong?

Shouldn't we have dedicated courses in universities and medical - schools offering elective courses in alternative and complementary medicines and include it in required courses?

It should have been due to the interest, enthusiasm and reason of medical professions, scientists, researchers and politicians.

Understandably, when it comes to money and profits this is not easy applied. The pharmaceutical companies would lose the trillion - dollar industry it has enjoyed over decades and this is not going to happen very soon in the near future.

With conventional medicine's birth came the deliberate move by the medical profession to discredit what became labelled "ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE".

Unfortunately this is the public's disillusionment with modern medicine and its inability to treat many diseases, as well as the dreadful side - effects of any treatment offered that have increased its popularity of complementary and alternative medicine.

It is about time the medical profession starts to educate and not just medicate. Drug medicine focuses more on symptom control; it does not fix the core problem where the illness is coming from at the first place.

Mother nature can do it better! The power of nature was fixing her creatures long before man decided he could do it better. We also must acknowledge that mother nature is by far better at healing than doctors and their medication.

These alternative therapies are working to treat the entire person, recognizing and stimulating the body's system to heal the first cause of illness.

There are many natural discoveries that have the power to help heal every illness known to humankind. It is a matter of taking control of your own health, because no one else will do it for you.

Cancer is the second biggest killer in America, and many other western world countries. According to the China Study, rural Chinese women have five times less risk of dying from breast cancer than their American and western world counterparts. As documented that Chinese men and women escape dreaded diseases that kill over 1 million Americans and plus many more of the western world.

What do they know that we don't?

Traditional medicines have succeeded over thousands of years, and now modern science can prove that many diseases western medicine has failed to treat and could be cured by natural ways through the power of nature.

For example... heart disease is the #1 killer in America, claiming 700,000-plus lives a year. Yet, according to the China study and a survey taken, over a three - year period not one person died under the age of 64 of heart disease out of 500, 000 men and woman living in two different parts of China.

Why is it, when it comes to sickness and disease that the Chinese in many cases have less risk and a greater healing success rate without depending on prescription drugs than the western world with conventional medicine?

By giving the body the right nutrition, vitamins, minerals etc. the body is capable of repairing itself, not only that, it will defend itself against sickness.

Remember it's NEVER too late to improve your health. The first three steps: DIET, LIFESTYLE and SUPPLEMENTATION!

Josef Bichler's point of view! When health is an issue education is the most important way to gain control, remember knowledge equals power. To take control of your health is not as hard as some people think it is, it is a matter of making the right choices.

Here is some more information you can follow at: http://www.healthyiswealthypainfree.com

Medical Tests Can Be Hazardous to Your Health and Wealth

There are more than 7,500 parts in the human body; it sometimes seems there are drugs and tests for every one of them.

A recent article in The Washington Post identified 45 common tests that nine different medical groups have declared are either unnecessary or overdone, including colonoscopies. In addition to the 45 testing procedures, the seven most common of which will be identified momentarily, it is worth noting that spending on medicines in the U.S. grew in 2011 to $320 billion. (See Brian Vastag, Doctors Groups Call for End to Unnecessary Procedures, 04/04/2012.)

How does a nation of 313,303,160 (according to the U.S. Census Bureau) manage to function in such a drugged condition? It's a wonder anything gets done. (A cynic like Bill Maher, a comic like Andy Borowitz or even a wellness promoter like me might remark that this drug affliction, combined with excessive religiosity, helps explain how the Republican Party got the way it is at present.) One factor has to be that the pharmaceutical industry launched 34 new drugs last year, and spent billions promoting them.

But, enough about drug consumption - let me focus on the unnecessary testing issue. A National Academy of Sciences report estimated that 30 percent of U.S. health-care spending was inappropriate - a staggering waste of approximately $700 billion for procedures that do no good but can do harm.

At times like this, the media and others will ask, Who is to blame? It does not take genius to find fault with the key parties to this debacle, particularly patients and caregivers. However, both groups can justify somewhat why they act as they do. Patients are ill equipped to resist clever advertising; doctors are pressured to practice defensive medicine.

Better to focus on ways to remedy a dysfunctional situation.

In a report entitled Choosing Wisely released last week, the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation unveiled a campaign to persuade doctors and patients to be more careful about 45 common test procedures. The Foundation did not recommend against any of the procedures, but asked for better decision- making about assessment tools that should be questioned. Joining the campaign are a dozen consumer groups.

What are the most suspicious procedures these groups want questioned more often? I'm summarize the top seven. To review all 45, see the Washington Post article referenced above.

1. Antibiotics for sinus infections - basically useless since the overwhelming majority of infections are not caused by bacteria

2. X-rays for low back pain. Such testing is appropriate only if clear indicators of a serious disease are present.

3. Stress tests done on healthy people who do not have diabetes or other indications of heart risks.

4. CT or MRI head scans as a response to an episode or two of fainting.

5. CT scans to detect appendicitis in children - less expensive ultrasound scans are as effective.

6. Colonoscopies! This is a biggie for me. I am a long-term resistor against the procedure. So far as I can tell, I'm at very low risk, so I'd rather await a non-invasive option for polyp detection that is simple and cheap. Such a DNA stool test awaits FDA approval. The Foundation, of course, is not so radical - it advises one colonoscopy per decade. (I stubbornly maintain that, for 85 to 90 percent of population, once every ten years is probably too often. What's more, a single colonoscopy might well be too many for most people.) In all other Western countries, only those at risk from other testing are offered colonoscopies through national health plans.

7. PET, CT bone scans to determine spread of early prostate and breast cancers. Low grade tumors that can be shown to be at little risk of metastasizing are not worth exposing the patient to unnecessary surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy.

As promised, I favor not just less drugs and fewer medical test procedures but also more non-invasive wellness assessments. The latter would be designed to evaluate patient willingness to embrace appropriate levels of responsibility for their own lifestyle choices and actions.

I do recognize one problem with this approach, namely, that very few people are capable of doing much that is different from what they do now, given the limited ability any of us possess to will ourselves to change. Powerful memes of cultures and environments, traditions and circumstances, DNA and other genetic factors and more combine to constrain how we think and how we can act, even though most of us want to think we can choose to be different from the way we are.

For the moment, let's be more conservative about the tests we agree to undergo while considering new ways to remain well and become weller. After all, some folks may be able to change some of their ways, some of the time, with a little bit of luck and gentle guidance from doctors, wellness promoters, government, social policies and so on.

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